Name Servers aren’t updating even after 3 days of waiting

In the beginning of this week I’ve had to migrate a site I’m working on to a different server.

I know Name Server changes usually propagate quite fast, or at least they have done for me so far. Unfortunately, this time I got unlucky and after 4 days the name server haven’t updated yet.

What happened?

After a few days of debugging, I finally learned what happened. The domain was registered at with a .ro TLD so, while I was updating the name servers in the ionos admin panel I mistakenly enabled DNSSEC without knowing that if you indeed want to enable DNSSEC you shouldn’t be updating the name servers less than 24 hours after enabling DNSSEC.

During the downtime, it crossed my mind several times that a possible cause for the inaccessibility period might be the fact that I enabled DNSSEC. However, I couldn’t find a way to disable DNSSEC from the Ionos admin panel.

The solution

Since it was a .ro TLD I knew that the organization that manages all .ro domains has a proprietary admin panel from which I can also manage the domain, so I logged in, disabled DNSSEC, and the new name servers managed to propagate in 20 minutes.

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