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I gave it a second thought (pun intended) and it’s actually quite a complex job. Managing a blog, on top of an already unmanageable exciting and filled with adventures life, that is. Complex doesn’t even begin to describe it. 

Nonetheless, I almost* never quit so, as long as you’re reading this here, it means I’m on the same path, whichever that may be.

* I used to say “never” quite a lot, until my dear friend Karma has shown me what happens when inexperienced entrepreneur meets shitty-greedy-shameless people, invested only in their bottom line.

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The next palindrome date...

What are palindrome dates and how you can identify them programatically? Read my article on palindrome dates.

... in EU locale date format (DD MM YYY):
Feb. 3rd, 2030

... in US locale date format (MM DD YYYY):
Mar. 20th, 2023

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Math challenge: how fast can one start exhibiting feelings of regret after sharing info public? In this case velocity is measured in D (a.k.a. days) and the moment of origin is the page’s last modified timestamp.

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