Radu Dincă

Software Developer, Enthusiast Entrepreneur, Event Photographer, Blogger

I love working with design and engineering team to build tools that help people and organizations by bringing knowledge a tap closer, improving processes and saving everyone time in the process by aggregating their data and tools in a single solution. Currently focusing on the Angular + Node.js ecosystem.


2019 - Present

Fire Flamingo Dev

Co-founder / Project Manager / Full stack developer

I am a co-founder of Fire Flamingo, where we developed a subscription based cosmetic product. I branched out Fire Flamingo Dev and built a development team as a means of financing the start-up.

As our first project at FFDev, we took over the development, from Atracore, of a custom ERP solution, built on the MEAN stack, for a Belgian client in tourism.

We developed and launched two ecommerce shops of our own, for cosmetics and clothing. The shops were built on OpenCart, but with a custom goods management system to keep the stocks and prices updated in real time on partnering marketplaces.

We also built and launched an online platform for local food delivery services, a website for a local printing house and redesigned the site for an ongoing client.

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2018 - 2019

3Pillar Global

Mobile: NativeScript / Front end: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular

My first project in 3Pillar Global was a mobile app built with NativeScript, for a client in the US. The app was designed to help marketers reach, hire and manage day rate workers.

My second project in 3Pillar Global was a library of custom elements built with Angular, used to standardize the data input and output and also to improve consistency of look and feel.

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2016 - 2018

NTT Data

Team Lead / Front end: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular / Salesforce

I joined NTT Data as a front end developer and was proposed for the Team Lead role within the first three months on the team.

On my first project I was the only front end developer in a team of six back end developers, refactoring a legacy project for Virgin Media, and I never missed a deadline. Elod Balazs, our PM, received outstanding reviews on my performance from the client’s team.

The second project was an infomercial/marketing tool built with Angular 6, which we built from discovery requirements to finish, for Legal & General UK.

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2013 - 2016


Back end: PHP, Node.js / Front end: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJs, D3.js

Initially I started as a PHP back end developer, but soon I migrated to a front end position as it was a greater need for it on another project.

In my time at Artsoft, I worked on multiple projects as a front end developer, including a pilot project that helped the company to get a new client, which soon became one of their biggest clients.

My responsibilities were to keep in constant contact with the clients for requirements gathering through daily calls and then coordinate with the back end engineers to implement the requirements.

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2011 - 2013

Baldemia Dev

WordPress / Prestashop / Back end: PHP / Front end: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

I have worked with a group of friends and we built a company of 15 employees, that developed and managed a portfolio of over 10000 domains for a French client in the domaining industry.

In my role as a full stack developer, I was responsible for the development of WordPress sites highly optimized for search engines. Also, I’ve built a few standalone sites with custom CMS from scratch and a randomizer script for automatic deployment of new sites in big batches across multiple servers.

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Freelancer, Eloquentix Inc. and iTeach

While I was still in high school, I’ve built websites for a printing and publishing house, a local TV station, a car dealership, the schools I attended and other projects for national competitions on web.

After I finished high school, I worked as a junior developer for Eloquentix Inc. A company from North Carolina in the US, building a LMS based on Moodle.

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Dev training: Python @ 3Pillar Global​
Dev training: NativeScript @ 3Pillar Global
Digital photography and retouching course
PM training: Agile @ Legal & General UK
Dev training: Apache Flex @ Virgin Media
TL training on assertiveness @ NTT Data
Emotional Intelligence seminar
Team lead training @ NTT Data
Business management training
PM training: Scrum methodology
Training on CI / CD
Distributed version control training on Git
Monetization & affiliate marketing training
SEO training (2011)
Dev training: WordPress (2010)
Dev training: Elgg (2010)
Version control course: SVN (2009)
Workflow management course on Kanban
Mathematics and Informatics in English at the West University of Timișoara



Rescue and Response 4x4

To support the community, Rescue & Response 4×4 provides voluntary assistance through the use of its own 4×4 vehicles and tactical equipment in emergency situations, working closely with local, regional and national emergency management, disaster management, police, gendarmerie and military forces, and others.

My role is to build and maintain the NGO’s website, online presence, as well as build an app for the online community to help locate stranded civilians through the use of the GPS on their mobile devices and notify the R&R4x4 team of the incident.

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2007 - Present


GREPIT is an initiative dedicated to developing the skills of young computer enthusiasts, by simulating a competitive but also collaborative, challenging and fascinating environment, similar to the IT field of the 21st century.

After attending a couple of editions as a participant and winning multiple prizes in the GREPIT competition, I have been invited in the organizers committee as a volunteer by Doru Ștefănescu, the President of the NGO.

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Similar to GREPIT, BitGEEK was competition of software projects aimed at simulating a competitive but also collaborative, challenging and fascinating environment, similar to the IT field of the 21st century.

Read the full story | Website no longer operational

About Me

I was born and raised in a small town called Drobeta Turnu-Severin, located in the south of the country, on the Danube river, at the Serbian border. As a child I spent my summers with my grandparents in a really small village of a bit over 1000 people, outside of Craiova.

At 19, after I finished high school, I moved to Timișoara, in the west of Romania, to pursue a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Informatics at the West University of Timișoara.

At 23, I moved to Cluj-Napoca, in the center of Romania, chasing a dream and I have been living it ever since.