Better (more windows-like) UX on a mac, episode 1

I think there’s always going to be camps in everything. As a power user switching back and forth between Mac and Windows, I’ve noticed some deficiencies in user experience on the Mac environment.

Here’s some 3rd party software that should upgrade said user experience to what you’re used to when switching from Windows to Mac:

  • AltTab – The Mac’s User eXperience is missing the power of the Windows’ Window Switcher. The problem with the default Mac functionality is that only if you have 3 windows open of the same app it only shows you the app logo and allows you to select the last used window when focusing the app. AltTab is here to fill that gap by allowing you to switch among all open windows. Download the AltTab for Mac
  • Rectangle – Another thing the Mac UX is missing is the automatic sizing and positioning of the windows when dragging it in snapping distance to the sides of the screen or to the app bar at the top. Rectangle to the rescue. The more popular option is magnet, but I’d rather try a free or open-source solution before paying for the most popular. Download Rectangle for Mac 

Why you shouldn’t go blindly for the most popular option?

The most popular option does not always mean the best choice out there. It can also mean an app with a well thought out plan and high marketing budget. Of course, high budget also implies a certain level of commitment, but that’s also debatable. The story goes on and on, but let me give you a few reasons to try a free or open source solution before taking money out of your pocket for a “more popular” paid solution:

  1. it can provide an opportunity to better educate yourself on the problem you’re trying to solve or process you’re trying to improve, the range of solutions available and their complexity.
  2. When you use free or open source software you’re supporting the author(s) and the community around the software. You’re helping to improve the dev’s morale by trying and using their software, you’re also becoming both a tester and a marketer.
  3. By giving the free and open source solutions a try you also encourage and feed competition which keeps the author(s) innovating.
  4. to be continued…

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