Why “I gave it a second thought”?

First things first. “I gave it a second thought” is the name of my blog. This blog. Just so you know. :))

Why such a name?

Because for a long time, even though the idea of a blog seemed interesting, I didn’t think it’s of any use to my actual development work. It’s only that I gave it a second thought and realized the true importance of writing and having a place, public place, to write down my ideas and thoughts.

I still have a lot of work to do and a long way to go before having enough content and maybe some visitors, but I have to start somewhere. Right?

What will you find here?

Not sure. A little bit of this. A little bit of that. :)) I know, really informative. :)) For the moment, the most important thing to me is starting and I’ve started with a few categories and I’ll figure out the rest on the fly.

Here are the starting categories for the blog:

  • Boilerplates – a category for the boilerplates I’m using, as well as for the ones I’m writing myself.
  • Game dev – a category for any game development situations I might get myself into.
  • Interviews & Challenges – a category with the technical interviews & challenges I’ve encountered.
  • Open source – a category for the open source projects I come across, or contribute to.
  • Projects – a category for projects I’ll write about.
  • Story time – a category for stories in my life. Be it work related or personal.
  • Volunteering – a category for the volunteering work in my life.

I’ve also created and (almost) populated a few pages:

  • About me – which is actually my resume. My work experience in a timeline manner.
  • Development services – a placeholder page to introduce the development services I have to offer.
    • Web development – a page to further describe the web development services I have to offer.
    • Software development – a page to further describe the software development services I’m offering.
    • Hosting – a page to describe the hosting services I can offer.
  • Photography – photography is a hobby of mine and this page is meant to showcase my portfolio and services.
  • Blog – a place holder page to hold the blog articles.

To sum it all up…

… it’s a long way till this is going to become interesting as I still have a lot to learn, but stick around (or not) and if there’s anything I can help with, let me know. If it’s a popular need, It’ll most likely help me build content for this blog.

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