2019 till now – The Fire Flamingo Dev chapter

Note: I’m writing this post to elaborate on my experience from 2019 till now. 

Note2: This page is not yet complete. I might’ve written down, some bullet points if you will, of what is to come but we’re not done. I’ll remove this note when it’s done.

I co-founded Fire Flamingo with my fiancée and we developed a subscription based cosmetic product. I branched out Fire Flamingo Dev and built a development team as a means of financing the start-up.

As our first project at FFDev, we took over the development, from Atracore, of a custom ERP solution, built on the MEAN stack, for a Belgian client in tourism.

We developed and launched two ecommerce shops of our own, for cosmetics and clothing. The shops were built on OpenCart, but with a custom goods management system to keep the stocks and prices updated in real time on partnering marketplaces.

We also built and launched an online platform for local food delivery services, a website for a local printing house and redesigned the site for an ongoing client.

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