2016 to 2018 at NTT Data

Note: I’m writing this post to elaborate on my experience from 2016 till 2018. 

Note2: This page is not yet complete. I might’ve written down, some bullet points if you will, of what is to come but we’re not done. I’ll remove this note when it’s done.

I joined NTT Data as a front end developer and was proposed for the Team Lead role within the first three months on the team.

On my first project I was the only front end developer in a team of six back end developers, refactoring a legacy project for Virgin Media, and I never missed a deadline. Elod Balazs, our PM, received outstanding reviews on my performance from the client’s team.

The second project was an infomercial/marketing tool built with Angular 6, which we built from discovery requirements to finish, for Legal & General UK.

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